Level up

Buying fancy coffee mugs and notebooks, clicking random pictures and writing down every thought, singing for myself, sudden bike rides, working out, waking up super relaxed, staying home most of the times, seeking and indulging in solitude, cherishing sunsets and sunrise, being reckless and the sense of total contentment. ~ A few of my favourite things to do are gradually setting me free; the realization isn’t pleasant.

Yet i believe that situations, phases are good or bad depending upon one’s perception and mentality towards tackling them. Still life is not always the way you want it to be. It melts and moulds you into new frames. You change, you grow, you give up on certain things while you accept novelty.

I had always fantasised of living in a different city, alone. But the thought of leaving home was always minacing. I knew that this would come up with big responsibilities and wasn’t going to be a piece of cake to relish. But truly, gratefully, been blessed with unfathomable love by new people and that has come to be my strength.

At this point, it is not about losing and gaining, but growing.

I am growing stronger, undergoing huge noticeable changes. The process isn’t easy. However, trusting, adjusting, giving and enjoying every bitter sweet moment makes it better.

©Artwork by Anjali

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