New Beginnings.

The word ‘New’ is scary.
I wonder how scared i would’ve been when God must have said to me that, “dude, you’re about to be pulled out from mommy’s womb after 9 months for probably coming 90 years; it’s a new place, it is called human world, it’s huge, and guess what? It is your new home.”

I don’t know how fast my little heart pumped and how speedy my tiny brain drew  visuals of my ‘unasked, unexpected, unknown’ new home.

But man, I tell you, you played well. What creativity! It’s quite everything here. Things long desiring and unwilling, loving and destructing, Upraising and dejecting, bright and calamitous, appealing and scaring the shit out of life.
You see, the best contrasts coexist.

It’s a magical mystery moulded into art. Your art, your world. Crowded with histories, opinions, competition, comparison, compromises, promises, complaints, demands, expectations, longing, and what not.

Everyday comes up with something in a new form. From one’s own inner self to the outer world.
Everybody seems to be living with different overwhelming emotions but everybody is still enduring
Maybe because there’s this one more thing ‘hope’ that exists within them.

I wonder the consequences of not having a thing like hope; a new chance.

But what drives me crazy is my own attachment to this place. Despite knowing everything if i was asked to be given birth to or not, i would have said yes.
And despite experiencing all the newness, i would ask for more.

Artwork by Anjali

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