New Beginnings.

The word ‘New’ is scary.
I wonder how scared i would’ve been when God must have said to me that, “dude, you’re about to be pulled out from mommy’s womb after 9 months for probably coming 90 years; it’s a new place, it is called human world, it’s huge, and guess what? It is your new home.”

I don’t know how fast my little heart pumped and how speedy my tiny brain drew  visuals of my ‘unasked, unexpected, unknown’ new home.

But man, I tell you, you played well. What creativity! It’s quite everything here. Things long desiring and unwilling, loving and destructing, Upraising and dejecting, bright and calamitous, appealing and scaring the shit out of life.
You see, the best contrasts coexist.

It’s a magical mystery moulded into art. Your art, your world. Crowded with histories, opinions, competition, comparison, compromises, promises, complaints, demands, expectations, longing, and what not.

Everyday comes up with something in a new form. From one’s own inner self to the outer world.
Everybody seems to be living with different overwhelming emotions but everybody is still enduring
Maybe because there’s this one more thing ‘hope’ that exists within them.

I wonder the consequences of not having a thing like hope; a new chance.

But what drives me crazy is my own attachment to this place. Despite knowing everything if i was asked to be given birth to or not, i would have said yes.
And despite experiencing all the newness, i would ask for more.

Artwork by Anjali

Yours Affectionately

“I shall depart soon, although my colour remains on thy fingers;
dearest Bloom, touch them humans with my ethos, tint them hearts love.
Now that i sleep for eternity, know, I must seep out through souls as sunshine on a million faces.

Yours affectionately

©Artwork by Anjali


I stroke my fingers in the sky
Painting your lips
With the colours of the sinking sun.
I raise high and twirl
growing wings of a butterfly.
You heave me down, close to your chest
Holding me by waist.
I swim, i float
Like a dolphin in your eye.
Your eyes, brimful, dribbling love
That roll down your cheek,
Like the morning rainpour
Held by plumeria leaves
Drops down to my face
‘The potion of evergreen mirth’
I swallow
And immerse into you
winning every treasure
i could ever possess.

©Artwork by Anjali

Hey Nodders

“You look so good in my dream
Dangling in the flowerful field
Your glowy skin, that satiny sheen
And those big brown eyes gleam.
Hey love, you look so happy
White tee, your favourite jeans
And oh that smile of liberty
Prettier than you’ve ever been!”

A tiny poem telling how dangling flowers enchant me.

©Artwork by Anjali

Level up

Buying fancy coffee mugs and notebooks, clicking random pictures and writing down every thought, singing for myself, sudden bike rides, working out, waking up super relaxed, staying home most of the times, seeking and indulging in solitude, cherishing sunsets and sunrise, being reckless and the sense of total contentment. ~ A few of my favourite things to do are gradually setting me free; the realization isn’t pleasant.

Yet i believe that situations, phases are good or bad depending upon one’s perception and mentality towards tackling them. Still life is not always the way you want it to be. It melts and moulds you into new frames. You change, you grow, you give up on certain things while you accept novelty.

I had always fantasised of living in a different city, alone. But the thought of leaving home was always minacing. I knew that this would come up with big responsibilities and wasn’t going to be a piece of cake to relish. But truly, gratefully, been blessed with unfathomable love by new people and that has come to be my strength.

At this point, it is not about losing and gaining, but growing.

I am growing stronger, undergoing huge noticeable changes. The process isn’t easy. However, trusting, adjusting, giving and enjoying every bitter sweet moment makes it better.

©Artwork by Anjali

Making changes In self

Constantly practicing
To not try to change them; it’s a total natural phenomenon.
Possibly what isn’t righteous for you, might be for the other. You cannot point out their faults and failures but can always put forward your feelings and opinions if only they wish to know. If you don’t like their attitude, bear a little or distance yourself. Yes, you can always make efforts to make things work better but in the process do not try to force things on them or yourself. Do not try to transform them into your version of better. Lastly, love and softness mends almost everything. Try to keep it intact.

©Artwork by Anjali

Make Space

Make space
To observe, discover, understand, choose, drop, fall in love, with yourself and the world around. Take your eyes to a place where you’re free to contemplate anything endlessly. Pay attention to the way you observe. Try different perspectives. Know yourself. Understand how things work for you. Make space for your own thoughts. Or just don’t think at all.
One might take time to discern it’s power but trust me when i say solitude to a healthy extent is priceless. It works wonders, sews wreckage, untangles messy head, gradually strengthens consciousnes, broadens mind, or just holds you in warmth. Manage to find a neglected corner under the piece of sky to rest everything and sense your existence; positively.

©Artwork by Anjali

Romantic, Fanatic

Celestial, scarlet, my lover afar,
Cracks and melts
Down in the ocean’s palms.
His dear conveyors
The billows and breezes
Smack my neck
And hit my feet, Violent
Like our lips meet,
With splashes and silvery
And the chlorides of ardour
My skin assimilates
And soul drips wet
For the longing terminates,
Deliquescing into our passion.

©Artwork by Anjali


Fantasizing of the very idle days together. A little too much of gross morning kisses, endless snuggles, tongue tickles, giggles and birds’ chuckles.. A cool glittery afternoon and our lazy limbs lying loose all over each other, ripening in the love of leaves’ seived sunlight, nibbling dark chocolate by the huge french window covered with bright magenta creeper. A long evening bathe with lusty lavenders, Irish cream and candles. To not forget *my playlist* (cuz baby i hate rap), sexy food and a warm movie night.♡

Ahemmm, good morning!

©Artwork by Anjali