Hello and welcome to my blog, a space created for our energies to converse. Here you get to know my creativity, thoughts and experiences, folded with love and categorized as Poem, Write-up, Photography, Craft, and the discovery shall go on.

About me:
A learner, doer, communicator and one of the zillions of artful spirits wandering in the world, creating wonders; Anjali Parihar ~ the mother of this one.

I write; i click; i teach; i cook. I like to learn human psychology. I love to live in colours and do the things that my heart is completely into. Other things that make me go zealous about life are soft music, gardening, sunsets, mountains and siblings.

So that’s me, forging through the crowded streets with a hundred small dreams in my chest and a promise to live them.

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Your presence is precious, thank you for visiting.