Yours Affectionately

“I shall depart soon, although my colour remains on thy fingers;
dearest Bloom, touch them humans with my ethos, tint them hearts love.
Now that i sleep for eternity, know, I must seep out through souls as sunshine on a million faces.

Yours affectionately

©Artwork by Anjali


I stroke my fingers in the sky
Painting your lips
With the colours of the sinking sun.
I raise high and twirl
growing wings of a butterfly.
You heave me down, close to your chest
Holding me by waist.
I swim, i float
Like a dolphin in your eye.
Your eyes, brimful, dribbling love
That roll down your cheek,
Like the morning rainpour
Held by plumeria leaves
Drops down to my face
‘The potion of evergreen mirth’
I swallow
And immerse into you
winning every treasure
i could ever possess.

©Artwork by Anjali

Romantic, Fanatic

Celestial, scarlet, my lover afar,
Cracks and melts
Down in the ocean’s palms.
His dear conveyors
The billows and breezes
Smack my neck
And hit my feet, Violent
Like our lips meet,
With splashes and silvery
And the chlorides of ardour
My skin assimilates
And soul drips wet
For the longing terminates,
Deliquescing into our passion.

©Artwork by Anjali

The Longing

Another day
Oozing charm,
Staining me smitten
Comes through
With the bits of dusky poems
Swirling in my head.
My fingers
Fondle our memories in bed.
The winds whisper,
The chimes sing love
And my blinks and beats
And chills and smiles
Sync with the rustling palm leaves.
Thus and so
I await my tempter
Every moon
That brings a little honeyed pain
To my endless sky
Of rosy hues.

©Artwork by Anjali


Lost moonlit nights
Behind the bright skyline.
Citylights versus fireflies.
You’re glamour, you’re agile
You’re enchanting chaos
But oh bele of mine,
I’m perpetual slow lovers with dim lights,
Simplicity, serenity
I make love
To the balmy
Purple skies.

©Artwork by Anjali


When we enfold our bare bodies
Into the creasy cotton sheets,
When you clasp your wings around my ribs
And firmly press me to your chest,
My blazing world marinates into mellowness
And delights
In the cool of contentment.

©Artwork by Anjali

But, By Eventide

But, by Eventide

The sky is home
To you and so to me.
By eventide, a colour splattered canvas, all through.

A butterfly in love
Dancing around this poetry
Bathing in shades
Oh me!
Filling my eyes with lustre
Lungs with vigour
And mind with cheer;
The melancholy of you marooning
Lingers in my heart.

Yet i lie here everyday
Blowing to thy wondrous coloured sky
The whiffs of my perfumed ardour.

The despair is deep
But the day i miss out on this miracle
It’s chasmic!

©Artwork by Anjali

Dear love

I have found
my perinneal wellspring
of jubilance
And oh, a little orchard of love
my heart has grown into!

I have found
my way to the stars
God! He’s a peculiar universe
to glide into.

So tell me love
How do i halt weaving your thoughts
and keep my heart from smiling endlessly.?

Oh, how do i look into your eyes
like you ain’t what i’ve wished for entirely.?!

©Artwork by Anjali